The 2006 PrOPS-Star Team

With the All-Star game tonight, I thought I’d check in on the league’s hitters using PrOPS. Bryan Donovan has done a fantastic job with the THT Stats section, and he’s made it easy to sort players by position for PrOPS. I’ve named my PrOPS-Star team based on the top-3 qualified hitters at the position. For NL catchers I had to lift the “qualified” requirement, since only Paul Lo Duca qualified, and counted catchers with at least 200 ABs.

Here are the players and their PrOPS.

Pos.	AL			NL
C	Jorge Posada	.888	Mike Piazza	.882	
C	Ramon Hernandez	.874	Michael Barrett	.868
C	Joe Mauer	.867	Brian McCann	.867

1B	Tavis Hafner	1.134	Albert Pujols	1.193
1B	Jason Giambi	1.130	Lance Berkman	1.025
1B	Jim Thome	1.109	Nick Johnson	1.000

2B	Ty Wigginton	.810	Ray Durham	.861
2B	Tadahito Iguchi	.761	Chase Utley	.850
2B	Ronnie Belliard	.757	Dan Uggla	.810

3B	Troy Glaus	.939	Morgan Ensberg	.987
3B	Alex Rodriguez	.915	Miguel Cabrera	.913
3B	Eric Chavez	.901	David Wright	.896

SS	Miguel Tejada	.900	Edgar Renteria	.841
SS	Derek Jeter	.836	Bill Hall	.806
SS	Carlos Guillen	.823	Khalil Greene	.806

LF	Manny Ramirez	1.099	Adam Dunn	1.059
LF	Nick Swisher	.950	Carlos Lee	1.001
LF	Raul Ibanez	.896	Pat Burrell	.969

CF	Vernon Wells	.920	Carlos Beltran	1.022
CF	Torii Hunter	.827	Andruw Jones	.909
CF	Grady Sizemore	.807	Jim Edmonds	.861

RF	Jermaine Dye	1.051	Bobby Abreu	.986
RF	Johnny Gomes	.915	Brad Hawpe	.877
RF	Alex Rios	.890	Austin Kearns	.851

DH	Frank Thomas	1.045

Congratulations, PrOPS-Stars!

11 Responses “The 2006 PrOPS-Star Team”

  1. Frank says:

    Good stuff as always JC. One niggling detail: Although Wigginton has started more games at 2B than any other position, calling him a 2B is a bit dicey b/c he’s spent a majority of his time at other positions. His games started by position are 1B 21, 2B 39, 3B 19, and OF 6. Of course, it’d be even more dicey to call him a 1B or 3B.

  2. JC says:

    Thanks Frank. I just went with the THT position designations. I don’t follow the D-Rays too closely. 😉

    I’m still waiting for the Red Sox fans to hate me for not including Ortiz as a DH. He’s had a better year than Thomas, but I didn’t feel like sorting through the 1B/DH players to make a distinction.

  3. gondeee says:

    Two observations:

    1. Second base in the AL is a wasteland of mediocrity. Brian Roberts should be leading this category, but his power has vanished.

    2. Travis Hafner is the most underappreciated hitter in baseball. If he were a first baseman instead of a DH, we would get more recognition for the MVP.

  4. Sean Forman says:

    Wow, Wigginton at 2B. Maddon is more of a stathead than I thought. It would be interesting to see if he is platooning him by starting pitcher or was it just an injury fill in.

    Also, The Phils have been really unlucky by PrOPS. Is this unusual?

    Also, you moron, Ortiz has to be above Thomas.

  5. JC says:

    Last year, in the midst of the A’s offensive woes PrOPS tabbed them as very unlucky. They rebounded, so maybe there is hope for a good second half in Philly. If this occurs, I want all of the credit. If it doesn’t, I will delete this comment. 😉

  6. JC says:

    PrOPS or no PrOPS, the Hafner snub has to be one of the worst in history. .322/.461/.650/1.111 with 25 HRs and 74 RBI.

  7. Frank says:

    Wigginton has been TB’s version of Figgins. I think Wigginton’s play at 2B was mostly covering for the injured Cantu. His play at 1B was mostly in lieu of the lame Travis Lee.

  8. Cliff Harpe says:


    I just saw something Sunday where Astros fans and Ensberg were really down on Ensberg’s play. Are his real numbers well below PrOPS or are their fans that crazy?

  9. JC says:

    Ensberg has a low batting average but sure is doing a lot with it. He still has an OBP of .390 and s SLG of .500. There’s not much to complain about. I have have his PrAVE at .283, so PrOPS says he’s been hit unlucky on balls in play. The average will rise.

    If Houston fans want to get mad at someone, blame Will Taveras and his .615 OPS (.638 PrOPS).

  10. rrsafety says:

    As a Red Sox fan, I hate you for not including Ortiz….

  11. gondeee says:

    Regarding Hafner, if anyone else besides Guillen was managing the AL team in the All-Star game, Hafner would have been in. It’s simply an interdivision rivalry choice, but the commish shouldn’t have let this one go. And who are the dildo fans who voted in Pierzinski over Hafner, or even Liriano. I mean, Guillen put Gary Matthews Jr. on the team for the love of God, why not also bring Wigginton. At this point, it’s like it really matters. By the way, Trevor Hoffman has blown an All-Star game before, see 2000.