Puckett’s “Called” Shot

I heard an amusing response from Leo Mazzone on my trip into the office today regarding a claim that Kirby Puckett “called” his home run off Charlie Leibrandt in the 1991 World Series.

Just before Puckett went to bat against Charlie Leibrandt, he told Crowley he was about to end the game with a home run.

“Puckett told me, ‘Crow, if they leave Leibrandt in there, this game is over,’ ” Crowley said. “That’s the God’s honest truth. That’s fact, and that happened. If you listen (to the tape), he gives me a hug and says,

‘Crow, I told you.’ And I said, ‘Yeah, you did.’

I don’t know if that’s calling anymore than when my dad said to me when Leibrandt came into the game, “It’s over”—a phrase that was uttered by almost everyone watching the game. Anyway, Leo Mazzone was not amused with the story, and he had the following to say (paraphrased):

Terry Crowley, the hitting coach of the Baltimore Orioles, said that: Terry “the King of Swing” Crowley.

Bold indicates emphasis that I inferred to be sarcasm.

One Response “Puckett’s “Called” Shot”

  1. I’m guessing that Mazzone didn’t have the best relationship with Crowley when they worked together. And it should also be pointed out that Mazzone didn’t really have any success in Baltimore.