Braves Attendance Recovers

Earlier in the season, Braves attendance was down about 15% relative to 2008, which was significantly less than the league’s average attendance decline of about 5%. Now, it appears that the Braves have righted the ship. Braves attendance is down 5%, which is actually better than the league-average decline of almost 7%. See Baseball-Reference’s 2008 vs. 2009 Attendance tracker.

5 Responses “Braves Attendance Recovers”

  1. Ken Houghton says:

    That is, of course, not possible. We all know the only reason there was attendance there was because of Frenchy’s fans.

    Next thing you know, you’ll tell us that the Mets attendance has actually declined since the trade.

    Side question: how is the league’s attendance decline if you take out the two NY teams, both of which moved to smaller stadia this year?

  2. Marc Schneider says:


    How much do you think the Braves attendence is hurt by (what I understand is) the lack of mass transit to the game? I know here in DC, I would probably never go if the metro didn’t go right to the park.

  3. Stu says:

    Mets, LOL.

  4. Johnny says:

    JC, I wonder if the rise in attendence coincided with the ‘exorcism’?

    Yeah putting a better product on the field sure doesn’t hurt.


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