Letter to the Editor of the Gwinnett Daily Post

Mr. Todd Cline
Gwinnett Daily Post
P.O. Box 603
Lawrenceville, GA 30046-0603

Dear Mr. Cline,

In your weekend editorial G-Braves hit a homer with Coolray Field (February 20), you praised the naming rights deal for the County’s minor-league baseball stadium.

At a time when the economy is pitching shutouts, the G-Braves came up with a big hit in the form of a sponsor to purchase naming rights for the stadium. …

Chairman Charles Bannister said “we’re in good shape” financially with the stadium, but this week’s announcement will only help ensure that. Plus, it’s a neat name, a nice double play for the team and the county.

The season doesn’t start until April 8 at Coolray Field, but both entities can already chalk up a victory.

When the financial plans were first presented to the public, the County claimed that a naming rights deal would cover $500,000 per year of the annual debt service. This deal, if correctly reported by County officials, will give the County an average of $265,000 annually for its first 17 years of operation (recall that the first year netted no naming rights payment).

This amount is about half of what County officials claimed they would be receiving from naming rights. How can you fail to report this detail and then declare this deal to be a victory? Would your sports editor declare the season a victory if the Braves won only half the games they planned to win? Would your circulation manager declare victory if only half of paid subscribers received their papers?


J.C. Bradbury

Update: The Gwinnett Daily Post published the letter.

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