Mauer’s Extension

Word has it that Joe Mauer and the Minnesota Twins have reached an agreement on an eight-year, $184 million extension.

I’m a big fan of Mauer—who isn’t?—but I worry that the Twins may have stretched a bit here with this long-term commitment. I have Mauer’s value ranging from $157 million to $182 million over the term of the extension. Certainly, that’s in the ballpark of the contract he’s agreed to, but Mauer didn’t sacrifice much income for the sake of security. He might be worth more than my projection given that the Twins have been an above-average team; however, assuming the team will be as good as they have been for the duration of the contract requires some optimism.

Hats off to Mauer’s agent Ron Shapiro for getting all that he could out of the Twins. But the Twins are one of the best-managed organizations in baseball, so I think they deserve the benefit of the doubt.

2 Responses “Mauer’s Extension”

  1. Devon Young says:

    The Twins are probably partially makin’ up for the fact Mauer’s outplayed his value the past couple years and the fact he’s a hometown hero.

  2. Marc Schneider says:

    I think the Twins are considering the PR fallout from moving into a taxpayer-funded stadiumand then lettign their most popular player possibly leaving eventually. I think that far outweighed, in this instance, a consideration of his marginal value. It is interesting that Mauer, however much he may have wanted to stay in Minnesota, didn’t have to sacrifice much to do so. Good for the Twins and I’m glad we will never have to see the damn Metrodome again–where they stole the 1991 World Series. 🙂