Practical Jokes in Academic Journals

Apparently, the late Gerald Scully included a prank in his famous article “Pay and Performance in Major League Baseball,” published in the esteemed American Economic Review.


According to Phil Porter, this was intentional.

4 Responses “Practical Jokes in Academic Journals”

  1. Michael Lugo says:

    Some chemists abbreviate enzyme names by the first three letters of the thing they act on and the first letter of the type of enzyme they are.

    There is a kinase (a type of enzyme) that acts on fucose (a sugar). I think you see where this is going.

  2. adc says:

    One of my grad school professors was working out a problem on the board for which we needed to calculate the location where one object would impact another. Of course the position variable was chosen to be ‘s’ and the critical point was naturally ‘s_hit’. I thought that was pretty good, but Log S_hitters definitely wins the prize.


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