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Discussing Government’s Role in Baseball on Stossel (Tonight)

I’ll be on Stossel tonight discussing the government’s role in policing the national pastime. I say laissez-nous fair. Here’s a description of the show.

Government bullies say they’re working hard to protect us and our interests. From crackdowns on unpaid interns, to congressional hearings on baseball players using chewing tobacco, to outraged senators proposing legislation banning carry-on baggage fees, to union bullies and their government cronies bullying kids into attending only government run schools, John Stossel says “give me a break!” These busybodies do far more harm than good. There are only two ways to do things in life – voluntarily or by force. Voluntarily is better. Government should stick to what the Constitution limits it to – keeping the peace, and keeping people from stealing and killing us—and butt out of everywhere else.

The show airs at 8pm on Fox Business. It will re-air Thursday at midnight, Saturday at 7pm and 11pm, and Sunday at 10pm.

Spreading the Game Around the World

According to Sports Business Journal ($), the NBA is proposing lowering rookie salaries by 30 percent in the next collective bargaining agreement. In a bilateral bargaining arrangement (monopsony league and monopoly union), taking from not-yet union members might seem to be a favorable proposal. Even if current players might agree to such a policy change, I think the NBA might want to reevaluate this strategy. With the rise of professional basketball around the world, some of the best young players may choose to play in European leagues where their salaries are not restricted, just as Josh Childress (formerly of the Atlanta Hawks) did.

More American ballplayers jumping to Europe only makes further jumping easier. And sponsors eager to spread their brands worldwide may be willing to subsidize player moves outside the US. The NBA doesn’t have the market power it once did, largely thanks to its own successful promotion of the game internationally.