Improvement in Fielding: Personal Evidence

In my previous post, I present some data that indicates fielding has improved over time. Here is a partial explanation.

My grandfather’s glove (circa 1910s)

Grandfather's glove

My father’s glove (circa 1950s)

Father's glove

My glove (circa 1980s)

My glove

5 Responses “Improvement in Fielding: Personal Evidence”

  1. Great that you still have your grandfather’s glove.

    Another point: look at what has happened in the NBA as the size of the court has stayed the same even as the size and speed of the players has increased rapidly. The players now overwhelm the playing area. There’s no reason not to expect a similar effect in baseball, albeit dampened by the larger playing surface.

  2. Marc Schneider says:

    But, also, the field conditions are much better; with more scientific field management, I would assume there are far fewer bad hops than in days of yore. While I generally agree that modern players are physically superior in most respects, I’m not sure improvements in fielding reflect improvments in performance so much as better conditions. If you gave a shortstop in the 40s one of today’s gloves and had him playing on the manicured infields we have now, I’m sure he would have been a much better fielder. That’s not to say that increases in speed and quickness doesn’t play a role (at least in terms of range) but it’s got to be much easier to play defensive today than it was back then, as JC’s photos suggest.

  3. studakota says:

    Which makes the bad call by Joyce harder to take. The outfielder may a TREMENDOUS play to save the perfecto and this dipshit, on an “I’m In Charge, and I’m important”, call costs the young fellow the game of his life.


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