Gwinnett Commissioner Indicted for Taking $1 Million in Bribes

Two years ago, I reported that Gwinnett County Commissioner Kevin Kenerly owned a parcel of land near the new Gwinnett Stadium, yet he did not make this public nor did he recuse himself from votes relating to the project. Yesterday, Commissioner Kenerly was indicted for allegedly having much more than a minor conflict of interest in several County land purchases (the stadium plot was not part of this investigation).

A Gwinnett County grand jury on Wednesday indicted the county’s longest-serving commissioner, Kevin Kenerly, on charges of bribery and failure to disclose a financial interest in two properties the county rezoned.

If convicted of all counts, Kenerly faces up to 22 years in prison.

The indictment says that Kenerly “directly or indirectly” accepted or agreed to accept 20 payments of $50,000 — totaling $1 million — as bribes for arranging for the county commission to buy a piece of unnamed real estate. The deal benefited developer David Jenkins and settled a lawsuit, although specifics about the purchase were not mentioned in the indictment.

Kenerly also was indicted on two misdemeanor charges for failure to disclose a partnership with D.G. Jenkins Development Corporation, which successfully sought county rezoning on two properties.

“I am going to plead not guilty and I am confident when the jury hears the facts, I will be cleared,” Kenerly told the AJC in a statement after the hearing.

Chairman of the Board of Commissioners Charles Bannister was also questioned by the grand jury. He was not charged, but he abruptly resigned following his testimony.

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  1. Dan C says:

    Good Lord. The citizens never stood a chance.

  2. James Bell says:

    Georgia Taxpayers Alliance, Inc.

    News Release
    For Immediate Release
    Contact: James Bell, Director

    Lawrenceville, GA: A group of outraged citizens has requested a demonstration permit for a rally and protest at the courthouse demanding the resignation of indicted Gwinnett County Commissioner Kevin Kenerly who is accused of receiving or planned to receive $1 million in bribes from a developer. Allegedly, his actions resulted in taxpayers paying an inflated price for land.

    The protest will take place Tuesday November 16 – 5pm -7pm at the main entrance of the courthouse.

    James Bell, Director of the Georgia Taxpayers Alliance, Inc. (GTA) said the rally is in response to Kenerly’s act of hubris and refusing to resign in the light of the Grand Jury’s 3 count indictment.

    Ron Williams, a Gwinnett County resident and local representative for GTA, attended the first commission meeting since the 3 count indictment was unsealed and demanded Commissioner Kenerly’s resignation. Williams spoke during citizen’s comments portion of the meeting and encouraged Kenerly to resign, get his life in order and spend time with his family and children.

    “You should be ashamed to ask the citizens to look the other way”, Williams told the Board of Commissioners.

    Williams blames the board of commissioners for not exercising their due diligence and investigating the land deal. “I want to know what they knew and when they knew it”, Williams said about the board.

    A coalition of Tea Party Patriots, Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians and otherwise outraged citizens are preparing signs for the rally.

    For more information go to:


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