The list refers to the hardback edition. All errors have been corrected in the paperback edition.

p. 27, Benny Distefano played catcher in 1989, not 1983.

p. 48, Table 6, Numerical values in second column from Bob Boone to Carlos Tosca should be negative.

p. 50, Table 7, Numerical values in second column from Tony Pena to Ned Yost should be negative.

pp. 176–198, Team revenues are estimated from the 2005 Forbes Business of Baseball Report which reports 2004 revenues.

p. 182, Figure 17 depicts the 2004 season, not the 2005 season.

p. 212, “How is selling different products at different prices morally acceptable?” should read: “How is selling the same product at different prices morally acceptable?”

pp. 217–227, The Continental League is incorrectly referred to as the “Central League.” (I’m not sure how I managed to miss that one.)

p. 242, Definition for Pythagorean Win Percentage should read: “The square of runs scored divided by the sum of the squares of runs scored and runs allowed.”

p. 318, Endnote 13, Replace “(0.234-1.194 = -0.96)” with “(0.243-1.194 = -0.951)”

p. 321, Endnote 77, I use the 2004 season to estimate the impact of the run differential on revenue, not the 2005 season.

The reported marginal revenue product estimates for pitchers are biased upwards because of a calculation error.