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Article on Aging at Baseball Prospectus

I have an article up on aging at Baseball Prospectus today.

How Do Baseball Players Age? Investigating the Age-27 Theory

Recently, there’s been a decent amount of chatter »»

Aging and Selective Sampling

In several recent posts, I have discussed my study of how baseball players age. It’s a study that I embarked upon with no prior expectations »»

On Other Methods for Estimating Aging

My recent posts on my aging study have received a fair amount of criticism. There is no doubt that my study is imperfect, but all empirical researchers »»

More on Player Aging

Phil Birnbaum has a new theory as to why I’m wrong (I suspect it won’t be his last), and he links to others who think I’ve made »»

How Do Players Age?

The last hot stove myth that I previously wrote about has to do with player aging.

Players peak at 27 and old players are worthless — Players »»